Because owning your own farm is the same as being unemployed (but only if you're black)

  • Me: I'm probably gonna do WorkAway, it's like an exchange, work for room and board.
  • Dad: I just want to make sure you're safe
  • Me: I will be
  • Dad: I just want to make sure there's not some black family running a tobacco farm
  • Me: That is racist
  • Dad: I just don't like people who don't want to help themselves
  • Me: Dad, I'm getting off the phone
  • Down is a good place to go, where the mind is single. Down is out, out of your ever-loving mind and back to your careless senses.

    Annie Dilland, “Living Like Weasels”

    Someone Needs A Punch Card

  • me: when are you coming back here again? did we talk about this already?
  • and when are you joining my band of merry men? i mean, musicians...
  • Nick Pappa: Haven't I already joined? I need a punch card. Or you need a punch card? Someone's due for a free ice cream at this point.
  • me: hahahahah
  • My Wife: On Problem-Solving

  • My wife is in Germany right now, and thus missed my birthday yesterday. I told her it was ok; I had a migraine yesterday anyhow.
  • Me: Had a migraine all day from lack of sleep.
  • Wife: I had a migraine too yeesterday! I thought it was from going cold-turkey off of German chocolate, but I ate some and it didn't solve the must also be from not sleeping well.
  • She's really good at problem solving.